murmur murmur.

“A ritual must do more than just recall an emotion through repetition. It must be experienced as a unified performance”[1]

From worship and magic, to the celebration of the animal and salutation of another, ritual must be experienced or challenged, for us to become aware of its habit. To measure the purpose of ritual would be a customary practice in itself. Words cannot describe it in full, but then the ritual of words in everyday language is a familiarity to all of us. And so to begin we must challenge our common foundations and rattle up our rituals within the context of an art space. Fuelled by the mediums of video, sculpture, installation and printmaking and live performance occurring throughout the evening, we will work both individually and together, injecting our current practice into Murmur Murmur.

Murmur Murmur is seen as a great platform for collaborative projects, working with the viewer and each other and using processes that may not have been realized under other circumstances.  It will bring an interesting mix of artists using new methods, materials and approaches.

[1] Muir, E., (1997) Ritual in early modern Europe, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge.


Hello all,

As promised here is our poster for our exhibition which is taking place on Friday 5th March. Can you tell where it is yet?…

introducing murmur murmur

we are

Rowan Corkill

Emma Goldstraw

Janey Muir

Ashley Nieuwenhuizen